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A contract is a written or spoken agreement especially one concerning employment, sales or tenancy that is intended to be enforceable by the law. A contract is any legally binding or valid agreement between two parties. 

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You might think you are a small business owner and your business does not the need the services of a lawyer yet but the truth is no man is an island and as you grow in business and you collaborate with different vendors and partners the need for a lawyer will eventually arise and if you don’t have a foreknowledge of how to go about pick..... read more

There are a number of fundamental legal issues that must be considered prior to launching an online business. The issues presented vary depending on the nature of the website that underpins the business, how it was developed (e.g. by whom), and the forms of intellectual capital that it contains.Although starting an online business has never b..... read more

When starting their business, a lot of people are driven by one overriding factor – keeping the costs as low as possible! While that is a good thing, there is such a thing as being penny wise and pound foolish in the business world. As an entrepreneur you need to ensure that whatever business structure you decide to set up reflects the ..... read more

The Federal Inland Revenue Services and the State (E.g. Lagos) Inland Revenue Services are saddled with the responsibility of making sure that tax payments are up to date.

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On The New National Tax Policy

2017-03-28 By: Admin

The Federal Executive Council, the highest Executive decision-making organ in Nigeria, has approved a new National Tax Policy for the country. The Policy will now be endorsed by the National Economic Council to recog..... read more

The Pros and Cons of Taking Venture Capital Money
The dilemma of deciding whether to take venture capital money from the venture capital firm is filed under “Good problem to have”. Majority of start-ups never get to this point. It is either they falling outright or if they are making profit, they simply never buil..... read more

Everyone knows that a primary goal for many, if not most start-ups and tech companies are to eventually sell the company, even if the founders intend to remain with the company. It goes without saying that selling your company can result in enormous payday and provide continued vitality for the company going forward. 

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It was the rare trial that had captured the attention of lawyers across the country: a criminal case against some of their own, the top leaders of a once large and prominent law firm.
But the monthslong case against three former executives of Dewey & LeBoeuf resulted in a mistrial on Monday as a Manh..... read more

In terms of capacity, the 42-year-old Lagos Division of the Federal High Court on Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi can no longer cope with the present day reality. It has continued to be a tale of daily agony for lawyers, litigants and other categories of court users, who must now count themselves lucky if they, at least, find a space to stand in..... read more

The seal and stamp crusade

2015-08-17 By: Admin

Our attention has been drawn to the above captioned article credited to the Body of Senior Advocates [Lagos Zone] which appeared at page 46 of the Guardian Newspaper of August 4, 2015. While not trying to join issues with the Body, we respectfully wish to state as follows
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