At Abraham, Thompsons & Co, we offer the benefits of a legal partnership that works.

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At Abraham, Thompsons & Co we offer you the benefit of a legal partnership that works.

We guarantee to offer you seamless service in our business relationships with you. We will creatively manage your portfolio of legal and business risk in order to ensure that you achieve sustainable growth in your business pursuit.

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  • Can an Email Constitute a Binding Contract?

    A contract is a written or spoken agreement especially one concerning employment, sales or tenancy that is intended to be enforceable by the law. A contract is any legally binding or valid agreement between two parties. 

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  • How To Choose And Work With A Lawyer

    You might think you are a small business owner and your business does not the need the services of a lawyer yet but the truth is no man is an island and as you grow in business and you collaborate with different vendors and partners the need for a lawyer will eventually arise and if you don’t have a foreknowledge of how to go about pick..... read more