Having regularly represented clients in Loans Documentation, Debt Recovery and Restructuring situations, our lawyers are uniquely skilled in providing bespoke services for parties on both sides of the divide.


Investments spurs economic development and deriving returns therefrom enhances the flow of additional investment. Our intimate knowledge of the local nuances prevalent in the financial marketplace, allows us to adequately provide practical and realistic advice as well as solutions to help our clients maximize returns on their investments or mitigate their exposure. Our lawyers are also well versed in insolvency practice and they are uniquely skilled in advising parties on either side of an organisation, experiencing dire straits or imminent business failure.


Clients trust our lawyers and our technical excellence, transactional experience and expert knowledge ensure that we are always able to work quickly and efficiently in helping our clients achieve completion in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Our lawyers provide commercial litigation and insolvency services for the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria in its bid to resolve the several Non-Performing Loans and toxic assets acquired by the Corporation. Nigeria currently attracts an increasing amount of investments from European DFIs and Pan African Private Equity Investors and our lawyers have recently been engaged in assisting them and their investee companies to deal with legacy issues that threatens to jeopardize such investment

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